A blog about living life despite battling Cystic Fibrosis.


This week in Wendy’s World…
Wendy says yes, Andy proposes, Finn goes for a walk, and Nox is still a cat.

This vlog holds a special place in my heart. There were so many amazing events this week. Most of which happened all on the same day! I am so excited that I finally got to share the story of our engagement with you guys. I am so incredibly happy that I can share all these ups and downs of life to show that you can live life despite Cystic Fibrosis. Life might look a little different at times, but a lot of it is perspective. Yes, life is challenging, but it’s the little (or sometimes big) moments that make the fight worth it.

I am so proud of our Great Strides team for raising an incredible amount of money and surpassing our fundraising goal yet again. It is because of your support that I have made it this far in life. I love you all!

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