A blog about living life despite battling Cystic Fibrosis.

Is This Going To Be Forever?

This past year I have battled with more fatigue than I have ever had to deal with before. I may complain here and there of being tired, but the truth is that it has been a constant. I keep hoping that it will go away. That the treatment and hard work I put forth will give me the energy my mind craves. It has caused me to fall behind in life. I have started so many blog posts, just to get halfway through and be too tired to keep writing. I spend so much more time resting than ever before. Even now, I’m struggling to fight through the brain fog just to write this update.

I used to be such an active person. It’s hard to look back, see all amazing things I did, and realize that I don’t do a lot of those things as much as I want to anymore. I push myself as hard as I can, but that often results in worse health and more fatigue. I want to be able to write as much, or even more, as I used to. For this reason, I know I have to keep fighting. I need to push myself to write. That may mean that I need to be content with shorter posts.

wendy doing treatment

I don’t want this to be a negative post by any means. This blog is meant to show what living life despite battling cystic fibrosis looks like. I spend a lot of time focusing on the positives because I like to show what living life looks like and that’s really just how my brain thinks. However, there are other realities that come along with chronic illness. Sometimes bodies are frustrating and that’s ok.

wendy resting

I find it best to just let it (usually by writing about it here or on Instagram) so that I can move on. I used to just ignore my frustrations, but that only led to either more frustrations or worsened health. So here is my reality, here is where I have been, and here is where I might be for a while.

Please stay tuned. It would mean a lot.

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